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Caso de projeto丨O segundo maior projeto de armazenamento de energia na Holanda! Tecnologia Energética Projeto de armazenamento de energia de 52.9 MWh conectado com sucesso à rede!


Recently, China Energy Technology successfully deployed and successfully connected a commercial and industrial energy storage system with a capacity of 21MW/52.9MWh in the Netherlands, which is the second largest energy storage project connected to the grid in the Netherlands, marking a solid step in the company's far-reaching layout in the field of energy storage in the Netherlands and even in Europe. This project is a key milestone for ZNTECH's deep cultivation and strategic expansion in the European market.





"Battlefield shift" The European energy storage market is ready to start

The second half of 2024 has officially opened, according to relevant research reports, looking forward to the second half of the year, the fundamentals of the energy storage industry are expected to continue to improve, under the double growth trend of domestic and overseas, the growth of large storage is relatively high, and household storage is expected to stabilize and gradually rise.

At present, the storage of European households is expected to come to an end, and it is expected to stabilize and rebound in the second half of this year. "Battlefield transfer", in 2024, the proportion of large storage in Europe is expected to increase, relay household storage increment. According to the forecast of relevant institutions, the newly installed capacity in Europe is expected to reach 22.4GWh in 2024, an increase of 30.23% from 2023, of which, the new installed capacity of large storage is expected to reach 11GWh, and the proportion of installed capacity is expected to increase from 21% to 49%, surpassing household storage to become the main increment of energy storage in Europe.



Accurately meet requirements and optimize resource allocation

ZNTECH has always maintained close communication ties with European customers. In the whole chain of project promotion, its team has shown a high degree of collaborative spirit and built a set of efficient operation system. From the careful planning and design of the initial project, to the precise implementation and landing in the middle stage, until the final commissioning and grid connection stage, each step embodies the close cooperation and unremitting efforts of the team. The company firmly focuses on the customer and deeply understands the power demand characteristics of the industrial and commercial sectors in the Netherlands, ensuring that the energy storage solutions provided can accurately meet the actual needs of customers, and achieve efficient, stable and continuous operation of the system, so as to win the trust and praise of customers.




As a large urban "charging treasure", according to the real-time curve of power grid capacity and load demand, the industrial and commercial energy storage project can achieve the role of peak cutting and valley filling, improve the stability of power grid operation, and also participate in power grid interaction through power grid frequency modulation, power market trading, providing emergency backup power and other ways to further optimize resource allocation and improve new energy consumption capacity. Ensure the safe, stable and green operation of the power system.





Based on the global stage, to help Europe's energy transition

With the deepening of the global energy transformation and the rapid development of renewable energy, the energy storage industry will usher in a broader space for development. ZNTECH will continue to stand on the international stage, and with its leading strength in the field of energy storage, contribute more to the energy transformation of Europe and even the world. In the future, ZNTECH will continue to expand market layout, improve service quality, and strive to become a global leader in the commercial application of energy storage.



The company was established in 2018 and is deeply involved in the field of lithium battery energy storage integration. It has one-stop service capabilities such as product research and development, system integration, intelligent manufacturing, and domestic and overseas sales. Its product supply covers energy storage battery modules and battery boxes, portable power supplies, and household Energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, and utility-level energy storage systems have business operations in more than 100 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Africa, and have successful cases of billion-level project implementation at home and abroad. Relying on its domestic OEM and overseas business advantages, ZNTECH first global rapid migration system of CM-GTS production capacity modules can help global partners quickly build localized production capabilities.

Atualmente, a empresa obteve a certificação do sistema de qualidade da indústria automotiva IATF16949 e o sistema de gestão de qualidade ISO9001, o sistema de gestão ambiental ISO14001 e a certificação do sistema de gestão de saúde ocupacional ISO45001. Ganhou sucessivamente a certificação "National High-tech Enterprise", certificação "Jiangsu Province High-tech Enterprise", "Top Ten System Integrators in China's Energy Storage Industry", "Top Ten Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage System Suppliers in 2023", "2023 Alibaba Digital Foreign Trade" True Cow Award "e outros títulos honorários.