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EnerC Liquid-cooling Containerised BESS(0.51P)


Long Battery Life

>10,000 cycles

Temperature difference < 3 ℃

High Integration

Liquid-cooling system design

High-efficient cooling near heat source, space saving

Low O&M Costs

Integrated liquid cooling system and battery pack, requiring small space

No dust or water vapor condensation.

High Adaptability

Wide operating voltage range from 600V to 1500V Suitable for various C&I and large-scale energy storage scenarios

Flexible augumentation

Basic Parameters

Cell TypeLFP-280Ah
Rate of Charge & Discharge0.5P/1P
Rated Energy3727MWh
Rated Output VoltageDC 1331.2V
IP RatingIP55
Dimensions (W* D* H)6058*2462*2896mm
CertificationIEC62477、IEC62619、IEC62933-5-2、IEC63056、UL1973、UL9540A、IEC61000-2-4、IEC 61000-2-6
Countries for saleNorth America, South America, Europe, China, Southeast Asia