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Batterie montée en rack

Selecting the Correct Rack Mount Battery 

Rack mount batteries are essential for every data center when it comes to keeping them up during power outages. In this UXI post, we are going to get into the basics that I think someone should focus on when selecting a batterie de rack de serveur rack mount battery for their needs.

Capacité de la batterie

Capacity: One of the most crucial aspects to figure out before investing in a rack mount battery is its capacity. The supports de batterie amount of electrical energy stored in a battery is called its capacity. In fact, the bigger a battery pack is in watt-hours, the longer it can keep your vital systems running during prolonged outages. The UXI most important aspect to consider before choosing a battery is how much runtime the devices that this will replace run on and whether it aligns with what capacity you need for your use.

Why choose UXI Rack mount battery?

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