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10MWh! Zhongneng Technology’s first DC charging pile distribution and storage project has landed in the United States!


Zhongneng Technology’s first DC charging pile distribution and storage project has been implemented in major cities in the United States. The total project volume can reach 10MWh. This is Zhongneng Technology’s first project in the United States that combines energy storage and electric vehicle charging piles. It is also The first project to use DC charging piles for distribution and storage.

As the electric vehicle market expands and charging demand grows, the charging pile industry must continue to innovate and create reliable and efficient energy solutions. DC charging pile distribution and storage is an excellent way to solve the industry's pain points.



Demand increases, and the U.S. DC pile market shows flexibility

According to public information, the U.S. government can provide states with $5 billion in grants over five years to build a complete charging infrastructure network, with the goal of establishing a network of at least 500,000 electric vehicle charging piles by the end of 2030. US$2.5 billion in competitive grants will also be provided to support charging facilities in communities. The government's favorable policies have accelerated the rapid development of the charging pile market.

With the rapid development of the global new energy vehicle market, the demand for energy replenishment is also expanding. Under the "rising volume and price", the charging pile industry has entered a period of development dividends. In particular, DC piles in the United States still have considerable room for development. According to AFDC data, as of the end of June 2023, there were 141,000 public charging piles in the United States, including 32,000 DC piles, accounting for 22.5%, an increase of 3.2 percentage points from the end of 2022. The proportion of DC piles in the United States is still at a lower level than that in China, and the market flexibility is showing, and further improvement is expected in the future.



Zhongneng Technology’s DC charging pile distribution and storage solution is efficient and flexible

The excellence of this project lies in its use of DC fast charging technology and flexible product deployment features. Zhongneng Technology relies on its excellent technical strength to provide compact and stable energy storage supporting systems, which meet the standards of U.S. laws and regulations. Therefore, it can help customers quickly and flexibly develop markets and effectively meet the charging needs of commercial areas in the United States (such as large supermarkets and shopping malls). It is also suitable for integrated light-storage-charging solutions at highway entrances and exits, as well as fast charging piles at gas stations. layout planning. In addition, the DC charging mode can increase the charging power by increasing the output current or output voltage, achieving fast charging and alleviating the energy replenishment anxiety of new energy vehicle owners.


This time Zhongneng Technology’s first 10MWh DC charging pile distribution and storage project has landed in the United States. It has three major advantages in serving American customers. First, it has the function of peak shaving and valley filling; second, it fills the gap in the American charging pile market; third, it can make money. Take the difference in charging price. This project will continue to be implemented in major cities in the east and west of the United States in 2024. Relying on China Energy Technology’s firm support for the project, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages in resource development and market development, and carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of energy storage to jointly Promote the efficient implementation of the commercial application of DC charging pile distribution and storage in the United States.


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