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Company News: ZNTECH's Success in European Market Expansion


Dear Clients and Partners,

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that we have received a warming thank-you letter from a European client. The letter expresses gratitude for ZNTECH's significant support over the past year on their project. Particularly, it highlights our crucial role in the imminent realization of a 21MW/52.9MWh energy storage project in the Netherlands – now set to become the second-largest in the country.


1. Penetrating the European Market in an Era of Industry Competition

While the industry witnesses a significant year-over-year increase in installed capacity, there is a contrasting sentiment among practitioners struggling to turn a profit in what is coined the "extreme internal competition" of the energy storage sector in 2023. Recognizing the potential, ZNTECH, leveraging its overseas advantage, continues to penetrate the European market. Amidst the booming demand for household storage and the shift towards front-end markets, the company is well-positioned to be a key player. Forecasts indicate an expected installation of 5.1/7.0GW of electrochemical energy storage in Europe for 2022/2023, with a cumulative installation close to 40GW by 2025, projecting a CAGR of approximately +53.796% from 2021 to 2025.

2. Win-Win Collaboration: Landing the Second-Largest Storage Project in the Netherlands

Over the past year, ZNTECH has actively collaborated with European clients, successfully launching energy storage projects in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Slovakia. The upcoming project in the Netherlands, the second-largest in the region with a total capacity of 52.9MWh, is a testament to the fruitful collaboration. Through extensive communication and effective problem-solving, our team has played a pivotal role in accelerating the construction process. Looking ahead, ZNTECH plans to collaborate with strategic partners in Europe, further accelerating the penetration of the European market and landing more energy storage projects in various regions.



3. Green Development: Streamlining Commercial Applications for More Efficient Energy Storage

In this season of transition, we've received our fourth letter of appreciation. Previous letters came from clients in South America, domestic markets, and the Asia-Pacific region. Each letter serves as affirmation and encouragement, fueling our dedication to excellence. As the letter mentions, we look forward to the year 2024 with an ongoing partnership, leveraging ZNTECH's steadfast support to drive efficient commercialization of energy storage applications in the European market.

ZNTECH remains committed to its mission of making energy storage applications more efficient, aiming to create value through quality service and earn trust through professional capabilities. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with more industry partners to contribute to the development of green energy, tirelessly working towards our vision of "Innovative energy storage applications, jointly creating a green future."

For more updates on ZNTECH, please visit our official website.

Thank you for your continued support.