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Commercial complex area microgrid


According to the current electricity price policies in most countries or regions, the electricity price for commercial complexes is usually 2-3 times the electricity price for residents. At the same time, peak and valley electricity prices are implemented, and shopping malls or commercial areas incur huge electricity expenses every year.

The peak hours of electricity consumption in large commercial and leisure areas in the city mostly occur in the evening, which coincides with the high load period of the power grid, and the risk of power outages and failures is high. Traditional backup power sources are mostly diesel generators. High fuel costs, slow manual switching and starting, and operating noise cause many inconveniences to the normal operations of commercial complexes.

The microgrid system of commercial complexes such as shopping malls, hotels and buildings can be set up to charge the energy storage battery from the power grid when the electricity price is low, and release it for load use during the peak electricity price, thereby reducing the company's electricity costs and increasing profits.

ZNTECH's energy storage system can completely replace traditional backup power supplies. It can automatically and seamlessly switch power supply modes when there is an unexpected power outage, quickly restore power supply, and provide users with a switching experience without power outage awareness. Depending on the configuration capacity, it can meet the power supply demand for 1-2 days, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment in the computer room and avoiding the risk of business suspension caused by problems such as power grid failure.