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Off-grid microgrids in power shortage areas


Some remote villages or islands are far away from residential areas and have a small electricity load. If a public power grid is opened, high-voltage power grid lines need to be laid. However, due to the long distances in these areas, setting up a public power grid results in large investment, long cycle, and unsatisfactory overall return on investment benefits. , and subsequent circuit maintenance and repair will also consume a lot of manpower and material resources, making these areas have low public grid coverage and suffer from long-term power shortages.

The "off-grid microgrid" launched by ZNTECH for remote areas without electricity can easily solve the power consumption problem in remote areas through distributed power generation units + energy storage systems without spending a lot of construction funds and time costs. The microgrid can also be relocated when users relocate. It has the characteristics of low construction cost, short time, high return on investment, convenient later operation and maintenance, and clean and environmental protection.

For areas with insufficient public power supply, ZNTECH's "microgrid" can seamlessly switch between on-grid and off-grid modes at the millisecond level, allowing loads to prioritize the use of clean distributed energy resources, and excess energy is stored in energy storage batteries as backup. , helping users save electricity bills and improve the efficiency of clean energy utilization; when clean energy is insufficient, the system will be powered by the power grid or diesel engines to ensure normal operation of the load, so that areas lacking power have sufficient backup power to get rid of power shortages.