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Intelligent solution for integrated optical, storage and charging power stations


Most traditional charging stations connected to the public grid suffer from high electricity bills, overloads and possible power outages during peak demand periods. In order to solve this problem, ZNTECH has launched a set of "photovoltaic + energy storage + charging" integrated photovoltaic, storage and charging intelligent power station intelligent solution.

For areas where there is a large peak-to-valley electricity price difference, the city power can charge the energy storage battery during the low electricity consumption period. The stored electric energy will be used for electric vehicle charging and other loads at the charging station during the peak electricity consumption period, thereby helping to save electricity bills and gain access to Peak-to-trough spread returns.

The energy storage battery is like a super-large power bank and is a reliable backup energy pool for the charging station. Even if the mains power fails or is overloaded, the charging equipment and other loads of the charging station can still operate normally without additional investment in capacity expansion. The newly built power transmission and distribution facilities perfectly solve the problem of insufficient basic capacity of charging stations that only occurs during certain peak hours.

The integrated photovoltaic, storage and charging power station is especially set up to always prioritize the use of solar power to ensure the environmentally friendly mission of electric vehicles.