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Industrial park grid-connected microgrid solution



With the development and growth of industrial enterprises, the original power transmission and distribution foundation and installed capacity may no longer be able to meet the expanding production scale, and industrial parks are facing huge investment in capacity expansion. If an enterprise only has over-grid load operation for a certain period of time in a day, investing in transforming basic distribution facilities or reducing production becomes a difficult choice for the enterprise. At the same time, in order to reduce the load on the power grid, many countries have adopted a time-of-use electricity price mechanism. If the peak period of electricity price coincides with the company's production time, the company will have to pay high electricity bills.

The microgrid system in the industrial park works in grid-connected mode. When the grid load is detected to be small, the public grid charges the energy storage system. When the grid load is too high, it provides electric energy to some loads in the industrial park, relieving the pressure on the grid and saving basic capacity. Expansion costs and construction investments.

As the production scale expands or shrinks, the energy storage capacity configuration can be flexibly changed.

The system can be set up to charge the energy storage battery from the power grid when the electricity price is low, and then release it for the load to use when the electricity price is peak, thus saving electricity costs and gaining profits.

Support the access to photovoltaic and wind power systems to promote green production, energy conservation and emission reduction.