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Wind power photovoltaic consumption



As the peak-to-valley difference ratio of power load in public power grids continues to increase, peak regulation of power grids becomes increasingly difficult. Especially in some countries or regions where the secondary industry accounts for a low proportion, due to the lower daily load rate and larger peak-to-valley difference in the daily load curve of the tertiary industry and residential electricity consumption, the annual maximum peak-to-valley difference rate has reached 55 % or more, the load peak and valley difference has brought huge peak load regulation demand.

The rapid expansion of new energy power generation installed capacity has caused the proportion of new energy power generation to continue to increase, but the utilization rate of new energy has shown a gradual downward trend. In the absence of flexibility in cross-regional DC operation, there is an urgent need to enhance the local consumption capacity of new energy power generation to improve the utilization rate of new energy.

In response to the demand for peak shaving on the power supply side and on-demand management on the user side, ZNTECH can provide integrated solutions for new energy storage systems to relieve peak shaving pressure on the power grid and enhance on-site consumption capabilities of new energy power generation. The system adopts a safe patented design and is equipped with automotive-grade high-security LFP batteries to ensure safe and reliable operation. The independently developed EMS and intelligent cloud platform are responsible for the overall scheduling of the system, control the power quality and smooth the power output, thereby improving the efficiency of new energy generation utilization. Provide users with a green, low-price and stable energy usage experience.