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Industrial and commercial benchmarking product M122 flashed in Germany, and ZNTECH continued to "circle" overseas!



        The product not only provided the necessary power for a German business when it lost power, but also seamlessly integrated with their solar panels to ensure that everything from lights to computers and warm water pumps ran smoothly.

        Enerwow-M122 Industrial and commercial energy storage integrated machine developed by Zhongneng Technology is a 120kWh power level product for the European market. It adopts standard module embedded design and can meet the 81.92kWh-122.88kWh energy storage configuration requirements. Integrated energy storage converter module, lithium battery module, off-grid switching module, local energy management module, fire protection system is an integral part, and equipped with a visual panel, energy storage data at a glance, you can check the operating status at any time, the product has passed the global mainstream certification IEC62619, IEC62477, IEC61000, UN38.3.


        Since its establishment, Zhongneng Technology has seized market opportunities, relied on internationally leading intelligent production lines and strong and stable supply chain resources, accelerated the accumulation of profound energy storage technology and application experience to expand overseas, and now its business has covered major markets around the world, with the ability to land 100 million projects at home and abroad.


        As a global leading energy storage system integrator, Zhongneng Technology is committed to providing global customers with superior performance and advanced technology lithium energy storage products and comprehensive energy solutions, while practicing social responsibility and promoting the development of green energy. After the 34.5MW/67MWh large-scale energy storage project in Brazil was officially put into operation, it not only further optimized the local industrial structure, enhanced the power grid system's peak frequency regulation capacity, but also ensured the maximum electricity demand of about 400MW on the south coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, during the peak of the summer outage, meeting the daily electricity demand of 2 million people.

        After five years of rapid development, Zhongnenergy Technology production base has been distributed around the world, relying on its own domestic foundry and overseas business advantages, the first CM-GTS production capacity module global rapid migration system, which can help global partners quickly build local production capacity.

·The advanced automatic intelligent production line is independently designed, and the efficiency is 3-5 times higher than that of peers.

·6 months to build the factory, 45 days to reach production, 50% faster than the industry, the production line can be divided into modules through container shipping to all parts of the world.

·Only the partners can fully share the resources of Zhongneng Technology in production line construction, product research and development, supply chain, digital management, project management, etc., and have the capacity introduction solution of "supporting the horse and delivering the whole process".